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W-Space Visuals

Welcome to this small reference article to help you identify w-space and wormhole visuals.

Identifying w-space system classes

Nebulae (aka the space background) you see are quite similar, but all possess a distant gas cloud with a precise, and easily identifiable shape. Therefore, my recommendation is to be looking for that point of interest (POI) in the nebulae.

NOTE: Keep in mind that you can also spot that POI by looking through a wormhole connection.

They are illustrated below (click to zoom):


The pale "V"



Central point kinda blue on a dark spot.



The Checkmark (✔). Or pink "V".



The "fang" or "spike" bright on a dark background



The bright scar



Indescriptible thing that has the merit of looking very orange.


(Thera et Systèmes Drifters)

The Light Blade

Exploiting the visual wormhole connections

Each wormhole possess a colored aura that indicates how much mass can go through it at once.

Aura 1

The standard aura color for wormholes of C2, C3, and C4. Letting 300kT through.

Aura 2

Blue aura color specific to frigates and destroyer-only connections.

Aura 3

Standard high-class wormholes connection going to AND from (both required) C5, C6, and nullsec. Can let capital ships through (1 350kT).

Aura 4

C1 specific aura connection. Letting only 20kT through.


It is possible to deduce relatively easily which class of wormhole it is on the other side by looking at the aura and the show info of the w-space connection. Therefore, you can most of the time get your answer without even taking a look at the nebulae on the other side:

  • The aura for C1 connections is unique.
  • The show info for classes 4 and 5 mentions "Dangerous unknown parts of space"
  • The show info for class 6 is the only one to mention "Deadly unknown parts of space"