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Free TO play option

Since November 2016, a new option is be available to enable accounts without any active subscription to keep playing, with the account's characters being under a temporary (as long as they don't pay) limitation of their power level. This works for new and old players alike.

This mode, called "Alpha" state is a perfectly legitimate way to play the game, as restrictions in place do NOT stop people from enjoying most of the available careers in EVE.

However, Alphas cannot be competitive against veteran players.


The amounts here exclude all sale like Humble Bundle sales, or Steam sales. As a reminder, the Trial Rewards are NOT available if the game is bought during a sale.

About Steam:
Buying the game on Steam will link your EVE Online account to your Steam account. Luckily, it is now possible to uncouple the two accounts.

Monthly Subscription:

The Game's Monthly subscription is available in 4 variations. Paying the game will unlock all the skills in the game, and will make your character learn new skills twice as fast. This is the "Omega" status :

(1 month =  30 days)

1 month:

19,99€ per month. 19,99€ total.

3 months :

15,99€ per month. 47,98€ total.

6 months :

14,49€ per month. 86,95€ total.

12 months :

12,49€ per month. 149,90€ total.

24 months :

11,29€ per month. 270,99€ total.


You can also pay your monthly subscription using in-game money via an in-game item that we call PLEX (Player License EXtension).

There are two types of players who use PLEX:

Someone with "too much" RL Money:

This person can buy PLEXes with real money, and sell it on the in-game market to legally gain ISKs.

Someone with "too much" in-game money:

This person can buy PLEXes on the in-game market to keep their monthly subscription running solely through in-game money, without using their credit card.

For CCP, the net result is the same, as for each month paid with a PLEX, someone paid real money for. You can also upgrade your trial account to a regular account using PLEX, but you will loose any Trial Reward Program benefits.

NOTE: It may be tempting to only pay your subscription with in-game money, but it costs a substantialb amount of money. But:

1- You CANNOT generate enough in-game money during your first months of the game to only pay with PLEXes. Do not even try :p

2- You will be under a constant pressure to keep making enough money to "buy" the next month of subscription. This will diminish your gaming experience, as each loss in-game will be a step back to your next PLEX funding. Loss is an integral and unavoidable part of the game, and so this may ruin your enjoyment, even more so if you try to PvP.