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A bunch of screenshots taken from EVE Online, without any editing.

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The UI, plus a beautiful landscape

The same ship than above, but lit by another nebulae

A Stargate allowing you to move between solar systems, in the middle of its activation.


My avatar visible in station. Useless, but immersive!

The same ship than above (a Widow) coming back from a covert operation with two Tengus.

Don't forget to play with a group in EVE ;-)

A bunch of ships arriving from a covert jump portal (Incidntially made by a Widow)

A ship at the center of a stargate

Tne entrance of a station

A naga taking a sunbath next to a station.

Look closely and you will see a player's froze corpse next to this Crow. (Itself a 7th of the size of a Naga)

 And here is the Frozen Corpse next to the Crow, without any perceived size deformation.

Here is the Ship Tree! It enables you easily see the various ships available to you in the game. In this case, for the Caldari Faction.

A Shattered Planet: it underwent a cataclysm.