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Une présentation du programme de parrainage. Si vous ne jouez pas encore, vous devriez considérer de vous faire parrainer car les récompenses sont importantes !

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Welcome on, the (somewhat younger) english version of the renowned french website of guides and tutorials for the MMORPG EVE Online. This website is part of the official Fansite Program managed by CCP Games, EVE Online's developper.

The EVE Online Beginner's Guide

You can also follow my video series called the EVE Online Beginner's Guide, which is kind of a walkthrough of the first hours of the game, with extensive explanations about all the game mechanics that you need to know as a new player.

Your learning process will follow a more logical route this way, and it will contain knowledge you just wouldn't have been able to get by only following the in-game tutorial.


Discord is a vocal and text communication software, that is basically a mix between slack, skype, and teamspeak. It's non intrusive, and you can join as many server as you want simultaneously, which is extra nice as it doesn't force you to make a choice as to which community to join.

Discord is made by gamers, for gamers.

Just click the huge button below to join! I highly recommend you download Discord instead of using the web version, though.


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Don't hesitate to leave me feedback, to point out flaws, ask questions, or just leave a "thanks", when you read a guide :)

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